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Meet Buddy (New Cartoon)

2013-04-01 19:54:24 by BlackCaliber

I just finished this little gem the other day, waiting for the site errors to get fixed. Check it out here. It's like Full House with robots. ated=1

Meet Buddy (New Cartoon)

The Duelist (New Cartoon)

2012-10-25 18:15:18 by BlackCaliber

So here's my biannual contribution to this website. I haven't finished anything in a while (still working on Lunar Apocalypse!) but I forced myself to bang out this little gem. Enjoy! ated=1

The Duelist (New Cartoon)

Well the talented chap who agreed to be the composer for Lunar Apocalyse (written by Frakenbourrough), a 4-part series of animated shorts based on characters from our flash story book, "Hank the Space Troll (or 2050: A Space Myth". If any of you guys know someone who'd be interested and makes quality music that fits the story and characters, be sure to leave a comment or PM me. Maybe I'll thank you in the credits or something.


Frakenbourrough and I already have the groundwork set for an animated sequel to our "Hank the Space Troll" story book. Voices, script and story boards are all done but we need music! If you or anyone you know make music that you feel can capture the bizarre spirit of the world we've created, please PM me.

Hank the Space Troll

Need Music Composer of Space Troll Sequel!!!

Originally a submission for ReNaeNae's Story Book Collab like forever ago, Frakenbourrough and I have been working on this little gem for quite some time. This is a web book of sorts and it's a precursor to what we hope is a much more realized world. So are you guys ready for something a little less stimulating than the average flash submission? Honestly I don't care because it's coming whether you want it or not.

Trolls, space beasts, adventure and prostate cancer await you in "Hank the Space Troll"!

Stuff of Legends

2009-10-19 00:32:42 by BlackCaliber

After having my X-Box repaired, I was in dire need of a new game. Wednesday, I decided to pick up a little Tim Shafer number I had been looking forward to called "Brutal Legend". You may have heard of it. Pounding through the metal landscape in my car and commanding legions of metal heads against hair bangers, emos and the like was satisfying til the end when I beat it on Saturday. I had already fallen in love with Jack Black's performance as it had me bursting in laughter through the better part of the adventure. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find how powerful the moments I didn't laugh would be.
Shafer is known for producing side-splitting narratives for his games but in Brutal Legend he really loves this music and it shows through the writing. I felt attached to the characters and I experienced emotions of sadness on more than one occasion. I cheered for Lars. I got mad at Eddie. I felt sorry for Ophelia. There's something about the medium that can tug at my heart strings like no other.
I believe part of it is do to a philosophy I like to call "dramatic relief". In an epic war movie we love to hear the main character make a joke to ease the tension. We laugh because, compared to the dramatic tones surrounding it, the moment is funny even if it wouldn't seem that way otherwise. Many movies will joke from beginning to end and although they would not all benefit from this philosophy, they miss out on an opportunity. Throughout Brutal Legend I learned to laugh with the characters but when something goes seriously awry, the moment is that much more dramatic. Drama x comedy = emotional response.
The lame gaming journalism site IGN complained in a review for Brutal Legend that the jokes began to die down near the end of the game. I applaud it. Just remember (especially all you creative folks): Comedy and tragedy are two sides of the same coin.

Today I'm 20 years young. It makes me think about how much time I've wasted. I'm just going to shake that thought because this year I should be making a big come back. Frakenbourrough and I have an entry for the story book collaboration due in January and it's about 2/3 done. We're also collaborating on some animated shorts so you'll all see me return to the flash world. All of these upcoming projects should blow my other two cartoons out of the water and I hope you will all keep checking back for updates. You may not have gotten me anything, but here's a present for you:

A sketch for "Hank the Troll".

Today I celebrate a pointless milestone.